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Party of 8


Dane Madonsela and his 6 brothers and sisters live with their grandmother. Two years ago he lost both his parents in the same month, he was only twelve years old. His mother died on the 12th of March 2008 and his father on the 25th of March 2008. 

Dane’s family has a problem with food as they all depend on the grandmother’s grant. Orphans can receive a grant from the government but it is not enough to cover all their basic needs. Even with the grant, Dane sometimes goes to school without having any breakfast. His family lives in a 3 room house and they are using the kitchen as a fourth bedroom. He needs some clothes for the upcoming winter and help to pay his school fees.



School fees per year                                               $16          

School shoes                                                               $26

Trousers for school                                                  $26

Warm clothes (jersey & jacket for winter)   $70

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