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Tinyiko is a 15-year old teenager who grew up with a very challenging home life. She is from a family of four. She is facing a big obstacle in her life as she has lost her father. The sad part is that her father is alive but he doesn’t want to support his children. He doesn’t even visit them either. Tinyiko’s mother never explains to her why she divorced her father because now she is unable to cope with the home situation. 

Tinyiko has never thought about dropping out of school and she is a talented young girl. She is good at acting, dancing and singing. Tinyiko is a member of the Jikelele Creative Performing Arts Group. Though she enjoys performing in the group, her dream is to become a mechanical engineer. She is pushing hard to get her matric certificate. Now she is in grade 9 and she doesn’t want to have to repeat any grades.

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